Monday, May 6, 2013

Kindergarten Spring Videos using Explain Everything

One Bulldog group of Kindergarten students created videos with a spring theme. During Bulldog Time, students are given work that challenges them, whether that be relearning things taught in the classroom, pushing them further in their knowledge, or supporting their special area of need. This group of students worked in the library to research a spring topic.

First we read a few books about Spring to get our ideas flowing. Students were broken into groups and then decided what they would like to focus on. After that we found books in the library that suit their needs and they began planning what they were going to use for facts. 

We used the Explain Everything iPad app for the first time. (In hindsight, I would stick with a simpler app such as ShowMe for Kindergarten students who really don't need all of the awesomeness that Explain Everything offers.) 

Students loved using the iPads for video creation: 

One final project looked like this: 

To see more videos, you can check out our YouTube channel

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