Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Coooooool Sports Books

Wow! It's been a busy time in the library! I've been trying to do some reading but unfortunately haven't gotten a whole lot in. I did the time to look through some really neat sports books. There are four in this series. One of them that we have in every library is Swish!As you can tell from the picture, this book is about baseball. Wait, no!! It's about basketball!!! The pictures inside this book are real action photographs that will really grab your attention. There are all kinds of cool facts about the sport and even some about specific players. I bet you will really like this! We also have Touchdown in our libraries. (I bet you can guess what sport that's about.)

One last reminder:
This is the last week for library check out.
All library materials are due back to the library next Wednesday, May 26.