Monday, May 2, 2011

Owly & Wormy: Friends all aflutter

Owly is now in picture book form!  I am very excited about this.  Owly was created by Andy Runton.  He started out as just a cute cartoon on a Post-it note.  Eventually he became entire stories, which we have in the library.  They are in the graphic novel section, 761.5 RUN.  Owly never speaks.  They are wordless novels but so funny!  Owly has a friend named Wormy and they go on all sorts of adventures.  Now they are in a picture book!

Friends All Aflutter starts out with Owly and Wormy's friends the butterflies flying away.  Owly and Wormy plant some flowers to try to get the butterflies to come back.  Instead two fat green bugs move in.  While at first Owly and Wormy think this is horrible but eventually they become friends with these green bugs.  Then one day the green bugs disappear!  Owly and Wormy are sad again.  But something is happening!!  It has a lot to do with science but is an adorable cartoon story.  Check it out today!