Monday, August 3, 2015

Rooftops of Tehran {Book Club}

Hello! Over the summer months, we had another book club book to read! This time it was Rooftops of Tehran by Mahbod Seraji. 

I must be honest and tell you that when this book was announced as the pick I was not interested in reading it at all. But I was a good little girl and got it from the library. I attempted to start reading it but the due date came and went. I gave it a second try when Megan reminded us that the deadline for reading was coming up. I am so glad I did! I ended up REALLY enjoying this book! 

Pasha's love for Zari is thankfully nothing I have ever had to go through. 

Pasha and Ahmed are wise beyond their years as characters. Yet I love that they are still believable as teens. The author does a great job of educating the reader about the culture and history of Iran while not boring the reader or over saturating the text. 

I thought the ending of the book was very fitting for the story. Of course I would have loved a happy-go-lucky ending but that is not realistic for this story line and I love that the author stayed true to the times and culture of the book. 

After a failed first attempt, I am very glad that I went back to the book and I would definitely recommend it to others! 

Thank you Megan at Cardigans and Caffeine for another book club rotation! 

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  1. I loved reading your thoughts on the book. I agree with you that the author did a great job keeping Pasha and Ahmed believable as teens even though they were wise beyond their years. It was definitely a book I wouldn't have picked out myself, but I too am glad that I stuck through it until the end.