Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September Currently

I'm late but I'm here! :) It's time for the September Currently hosted by Oh Boy 4th Grade

I am happy to be back to school. There are so many exciting things happening! A few additional words...

Loving school supplies! I visit OfficeMax especially way too often in August! I cannot pass up all of the 25 cent deals! Of course now I have to find a place to put all of those things... 

Thinking about my daughter starting Kindergarten! She is so excited but yet she also gets anxious about things she doesn't know about. She went to a different school for 4K so she is nervous about being in a new school. I am sure she will do just fine!

Wanting to start my TPT store. I've had an account there for awhile, now I really need to start contributing my own products! 

Needing fabric. I ran short of my fabric and I can't find it in a store anywhere! Boo! 

My three trips - Australia has always been on my bucket list. Montana just sounds cool. I don't know exactly why but I want to go there! And lastly, I don't really care which island, I just want a tropical beach vacation sometime in my life! Is that so much to ask?! Ha ha... 

I hope you have a great school year! 


  1. Hi Michele,
    You definitely should start your TpT store. It will become so addicting. I've been doing it for a year and a half and I get more into it with each passing day. Take the plunge!!!
    I'm hoping a fabric store somewhere can find and order more fabric for you. We had to go on a hunt for the fabric for my oldest daughter's nursery before she was born. We had to get it from three different stores and had our fingers crossed that the colors would be the same.
    Have a great school year!

    Sara J Creations

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  3. Totally start a TPT store. You'll love it. You've got to start somewhere :) Love your blog and so glad I found it through the currently!

    Hardcore Teacher Resources

  4. Aww I hope your daughter's first day went well!! I am in Wisconsin too, and this is my first year not going back to school since I had my daughter, so I am kind of missing the back to school supply shopping :(

    I was so afraid to start my TPT store too, but now I've been doing it for a year and it's finally starting to pay off as a good part time income! You should definitely jump in, there is so much to learn but check out the forums and you will learn so much that will help get you going. I'd love to help you out with some of the things I wish I'd known when I started. Send me an email if your interested (jltorbol@gmail.com) Good luck!

    Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten

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