Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Reading Records

Something we started doing last year was recording student's reading several times throughout the year.  This provides a record of student learning, especially their fluency. I use VoiceThread to do this. I use the website to upload the pictures and I use the iPad app to record their voices.  I love the app for recording!  It is so much easier than the website, in my opinion. 

Here are a few examples:

*Note, rarely does a child get through an entire book.  They read until I tell them to stop, which is approximately one minute.

So what are the logistics of this? 
Things I do:
Create the covers (I use PowerPoint and save as a JPEG)
Upload the pictures
Record the students
Help teachers embed these where they would like them (blog, website, etc.)

What teachers do: 
Prepare the readers
Take a photo of each child each time
Notify parents the videos have been posted
Teach the kids!

What students do:
View their recordings to hear themselves

What parents do:
Watch and comment! (hopefully)

I really love this project and so do the classroom teachers.  It is exciting to watch the fluency and reading ability of students growing!  When students view their Reading Records near the end of the year, they are sometimes in disbelief that the first recording is them!

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