Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Great Moon Hoax

Today I read a book called The Great Moon Hoax.  It is written by Stephen Krensky and illustrated by Josee Bisaillon. 

This book is about two boys who sell a newspaper called the New York Sun.  The boys line up every morning to purchase 100 copies of the newspaper.  If they are lucky, they will sell all of the copies by night time.  

The paper starts to print stories about discoveries on the moon.  The pictures in this book show blue goats and a giant red and white striped water snake.  Have you ever heard of animals on the moon?  Or animals that look like that? The next day, the illustrations show people reading about exploding volcanoes and beavers that hold their young like human do.  Something strange is happening... 

This book is a wonderful way to learn about how newspapers were sold in the 1800s and the stories they would print.  Could you sell a newspaper standing on a corner shouting out the headlines?

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