Friday, September 17, 2010

Babymouse - a graphic novel

Wow!  This school year has been flying by so fast!  It has been wonderful seeing everyone in the library and computer labs! 

Have you checked out the book series Babymouse yet?  It is sooo good!  It is by Jennifer and Matthew Holm and is a pretty easy read, great for 2nd graders and up.  (Fun fact:  Jennifer and Matthew are sister and brother and write these books together!)  

Here is a picture of the first book:  

Almost all of the books look like this.  Black, pink, and white are the three colors they use in their books.  Here is a picture of the inside pages of one book: 

Doesn't that look neat?  Babymouse is the main character and she is always telling stories about her family and her school.  Some stories about her friends or being bullied or the school dance recital.  You should try one out! 

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