Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Trip to Barnes & Noble

I am so excited! Over the holiday break, I made a trip to Barnes & Noble to buy new books for the libraries. The set I am most excited about is called American Chillers by Johnathan Rand. (You can click on the name to go to the set's website.) These are books that are a lot like the Goosebumps series. If you like Goosebumps, you will like these! Each book is set in a different state. There's even one set in Wisconsin, called Wisconsin Werewolves!

For now this set is at Lincoln, but I'm looking forward to seeing how many kids like it and then buying it for the other school if it is popular!! Remember, you can always request books from other schools, so if you want to check one out, ask in the library!

Oh yeah, and WELCOME BACK to school! See you soon!

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